Review your policies periodically

Home insurance gives peace of mind. That, you need not worry about loss or damage of your valuables from theft, fire, natural calamities or any unforeseen reasons. Your contents are covered against a wide range of risks. The insurance can also be extended to cover your personal belongings against loss or damage outside your home anywhere in the world.

As a good practice, it is recommended that you revisit your policies periodically.

You need to review your house insurance policy to make sure that it covers new acquisitions and any increase in prices or costs of the insured items.

While you may have insured your home for a particular value when you first bought it, a few years later, the cost to rebuild it may have increased. That means you should address the gap in coverage as otherwise you will have to cover the costs out of pocket after a loss. Plus, due consideration should be given to changes in construction costs, renovations and additions.

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