September 2017


The CII changes its Logo



Why Chartered status makes a difference?

The concept of Chartered professionalism traces its roots back many centuries, to the years following the Norman invasion in 1066. And in the 21st century, Chartered status is more relevant than ever in terms of winning and securing public trust.

Across the professional landscape, from accountants to civil engineers, and of course through to insurance brokers, insurers, insurance practitioners and financial planners, Chartered status stands proud as an indicator of the highest standards of learning and ethical behavior.

Increasingly, consumers - who have grown weary and skeptical following years of financial scandal and falling standards in commercial and retail life - are actively seeking out Chartered practitioners.

As a Chartered body of more than a century's standing the CII grants Chartered titles to individuals and organizations which meet strict qualifying criteria.

Currently over 23,000 individuals and more than 900 firms had met the stringent requirements and pledged to uphold the standards expected of Chartered professionals.

The Chartered status signifies that an individual or an organization has committed to:

The chartered status is looked upon as a trusted source in terms of Competence, Knowledge & Ethical behavior.

What Chartered Status means to us at Gargash Insurance Services LLC:

We are the first Chartered Insurance Brokers in the UAE and have strived hard to achieve this status global status. Till date there is continuous growth, sustained quality deliverance and ethical code of conduct followed.

It is always our aim to “deliver excellence" to our customers backed by highest professional standards.

This is awarded to us on the basis of our commitment to meet significant and ongoing obligations designed to ensure that our employees are competent, knowledgeable and ethical in their dealings.

These revolve around:

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