Spreading Happiness

Happiness and Positivity among the citizens and residents of UAE have become a fundamental goal of the nation. UAE leadership is meticulously striving to promote Positivity, Optimism and spreading happiness as a way of life. The UAE is ranked the happiest Arab country and the 21st happiest in the world in the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network’s World Happiness report, great achievement.

As the nation gears towards promoting values and skills to achieve a state of Sustainable Happiness, where happiness is spread in all walks of life across public and private sectors, we explore various factors that act as driving force to ensure your happiness through simple and informed decisions in the field of Insurance.

There is a strong correlation between a risk free life and a happy state of mind. Achieving a risk free life through simple measures like protecting your family with health insurance and your assets through other classes of insurance will directly reflect in increased levels of optimism and boost happiness.

For Instance, couple of weeks ago, as torrents of rain and thunderstorms hit UAE, many took a hit too with damage in their vehicles and infrastructure. All vehicles insured with a well designed motor insurance were reimbursed, which indirectly helped the owners feel safe, thus promoting happiness in their life. While the others who did not insure their vehicles had to spend a lot of money, valuable time and a disrupted daily lifestyle. This could have been prevented with foreseen initiatives to protect what is yours. It could be your health, home, business, cars or other assets by investing small amounts to ensure protection during unexpected events leading to losses

Insure your happiness by investing small and planned amounts in Insurance!


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