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Personal Life Insurance

Life is uncertain. Personal life insurance policy pays specified sum to a person you choose (your beneficiary) upon your death, in exchange for your premium payments.

It provides you with peace of mind, since you know that those you care about will be financially protected after you die.

The amount of life insurance coverage that you need depends on below factors -

  • What immediate financial expenses would your family face upon your death?
  • How much of your salary is devoted to current expenses and future needs?
  • How long would your dependents need support if you were to die tomorrow?
  • How much money would you want to leave for special situations upon your death, such as funding your children's education, children’s marriage, etc

Types of Life Insurance

There are different kinds of life insurance policies in Dubai and the UAE market. Though the final aim of all the life insurance policies is to provide the family of the policyholder if something should happen to them, each kind of insurance policy has its own unique set of features and benefits.

For more information on the various types of policies and the policy that suits you best please contact Gargash Insurance.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance Pays A Lump Sum Cash Benefit When You Are Diagnosed With A Critical Illness

Illnesses that are primarily covered by critical illness insurance policies are:

  • cancer
  • heart attack and
  • stroke

Critical illness insurance policies may also cover conditions such as

- Heart transplant

- Coronary bypass surgery

- Angioplasty

- Kidney (Renal) failure

- Major organ transplant

- Paralysis

Kindly contact us at Gargash Insurance to suggest you with the right cover.

Saving and Off shore Investments –

With savings, your main goal is to protect your money while being able to access it easily.

With investing, your main goal is to grow your savings. However, with investing you will have to accept a greater amount of risk.

Steps to creating your Investment plan –

1. Set specific and realistic goals

For example, instead of saying you want to have enough money to retire comfortably, think about how much money you’ll need. Your specific goal may be to save $500,000 by the time you’re 65.

2. Calculate how much you need to save each month

If you need to save $500,000 by the time you’re 65, how much will you need to save each month? Decide if that’s a realistic amount for you to set aside each month. If not, you may need to adjust your goals.

3. Choose your investment strategy

If you’re saving for long-term goals, you might choose more aggressive, higher-risk investments. If your goals are short term, you might choose lower-risk, conservative investments. Or you might want to take a more balanced approach.

While there are hundreds of Investment plans to choose from, they mostly fall into 3 categories.

  • Equities (also called stocks)
  • Fixed-income (also called bonds)
  • Cash equivalents (a type of liquid investment such as a money market fund)

To help you structure your investment plan, please contact us at Gargash Insurance.

Business Protection (Key Man)

In most of the businesses, there will be people who play a key role in the day to day operations and overall profitability of the organization. Generally, employers ensure the well being of such employees. However the interest of the employer is seldom addressed. The key man’s absence due to any untoward incidents resulting in adverse effects on the business requires serious attention

Insuring the Key men o the company thus enables the employer to receive an amount which will financially compensate the loss of the key man. It is also important to consider an untimely demise of one the partners of any partnership business as to how his/her family can get the share of the business without selling the business.



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